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Brewing Great Coffee Since 2000

Clocktower Coffee Roasting Company is based in Mountain View, California and the company was established in 2000. Clocktower is an artisan coffee roaster brewing coffee and espresso beverages that have been expertly roasted on-site daily.

We offer our customers a wide range of coffees. We also maintain a unique assortment of merchandise and gift items. It’s a great place to sip and relax, free wi-fi, and a great community gathering spot.

Ample Seating Space

Bring your laptop, books and enjoy our free Wi-Fi along with your favorite coffee. We have plenty of space for everyone.

Roasted In-House

Clocktower Coffee Roasting Company’s coffee menus include Colombian Supremo, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Kenya, Sumatra, Ethiopian, French Roast, House Blend, Espresso Roast, Mocha Java, Decaf Colombian, Decaf Guatemala, Decaf Sumatra, Decaf Espresso as well as Decaf House Blend, and more.

Friendly Service

At Clocktower, we are all about customer service. We enjoy building relationships and serving our customers. Come on in and tell us your story!

What people are saying

  • Ted A.

    Ted A.

    So what are you looking for in a coffee shop?  Decent coffee? Check. Plenty of places to sit both indoors and outdoors? Check.  (9 times out of 10 I get to use the same table, making that "my" table - which is proof positive that there are plenty of places to sit.) Quick service? Check.  (I have _never had to wait behind two people.  A long line is one person in front of you!)  

    The gift stuff is kinda strange, but what the heck, ignore it.  A good place to regularly hang out.
  • Julia C.

    Julia C.

    Clocktower cafe is a gem in the rough 😉 it's a fun cosy cafe where you can hangout with friends, chill and read a book, work using the free wifi (much better than wifi provided by Starbucks in my opinion) or even have fun shopping the most interesting little items.

    Clocktower serves one of the best ice matchas (green tea latte) in town! And they have the nicest baristas 🙂 not grumpy, quick with the orders and friendly. I always leave Clocktower feeling happy.

    If you want an added dimension to your day, grab your coffee/tea at Clocktower!
  • Jessica G.

    Jessica G.

    I really liked their product and customer service. Frappacino was great and fast friendly workers.
  • HannahLu R.

    HannahLu R.

    I work nearby and noticed this place so I asked for anything close to a mocha frappe. They made me this amazing Mocha Freeze and it is the sodding best drink I've ever had. Now I'm hooked and so is my man.
  • Meghan P.

    Meghan P.

    Love this place! The staff is really friendly and the coffee is great. It's not downtown but it doesn't feel like a strip mall either (even though its in one)
  • Lindsay S.

    Lindsay S.

    This place is very comfortable and relaxing!! Employees are incredibly kind!  

    When I go I love to get the mocha blended drink adding peppermint syrup!  If you have kids this can also be a good choice because you can ask for no coffee and they will gladly make it that way for you!  They are very accommodating to your needs!

    During the winter, they make a delicious eggnog latte and some awesome peppermint hot chocolate!  I always look forward to the winter time treats! 🙂

    Overall I have a wonderful experience every time I go to Clocktower!
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At Clocktower, we strive to provide great customer service and high-quality products. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions. We’re always looking for opportunities to connect with you!